Listen to King’s Church Sermons Online

If you’d like to listen to one of our sermon, you can find them on the Latest Series page or in the Sermon Archive pages. On the Latest Series page, you’ll find all the current series of sermons that the eldership team are focusing on. The Sermon Archive page lists all other available sermons, in date order.

Two Ways to Listen

1. Listen Online (streaming)

The easiest way to listen to a sermon is to click on its play icon, however, we recommend clicking on the bold title of the sermon before starting to play it. By doing this you will see additional information about the sermon – including the section of scripture that the sermon is based upon.

If you click on another page whilst streaming a sermon online, the sermon will stop playing. To Listen to a sermon whilst looking at other pages of the website, click play on your chosen sermon, then right click on the website logo and click ‘open link in new tab’. Your sermon will remain playing in the original browser tab.

2. Download and Listen Offline

You can download sermons to listen to them later on your computer or to transfer them to an mp3 player / mobile phone. To download a sermon to your computer, click on the bold title of the sermon as described above – you will find the download link appears below the sermon play bar

Finding a Sermon Using the Filter

On the Recent Sermons page you will find a series of green links at the top of the available sermons. You can use these links to ‘filter’ the list of sermons, helping you to find the one you want.

For example

  • To see all sermons by a aprticular preacher, click the preacher’s name to display all the available sermons by that preacher.
  • To find a sermon by date, first click the year it was delivered, then choose the month from the next list. You will be presented with a list of all the available sermons from that month – a great way to catch up with a sermon you may have missed whilst on holiday.

Listen now to the Latest Series or others from the Sermon Archive