Sunday Worship


Sunday Worship with King’s Church Kendal

What’s it Like?

King’s Church is a lively charismatic church. What this means is that our singing is usually loud and enthusiastic with modern songs and led by musicians playing guitars, etc. It also means that we believe that God speaks to people today and we want to give ourselves opportunities to hear him. Members of the congregation will often pray out loud, read scripture or maybe start a song themselves.

Sunday morning meetings start at 10.30am and are normally between 90 minutes and two hours long, with coffee, tea and donuts served in the middle. 

What do I have to do?

Put simply, nothing. You are under no obligation to stand up, sit, kneel, stand on your head, even if other people are doing so. If you wish to just sit quietly that is perfectly OK. King’s Church finances are the responsibility of King’s Church people and we don’t expect others to contribute to any offerings, although you are obviously welcome to do so.

What about my kids?

There is a seperate meeting for children which they normally go out to after we have sung a couple of songs. Feel free to go with your children to see the arrangements or keep them with you in the meeting if you would prefer. The only request we would make is that you take them out if they are distracting other people. (Normally only a problem during the talk). Don’t feel embarrased to get up and move discreetly around at any time. People will be more than happy to help you should you need it.