Who is Jesus?


Who is Jesus?

Jesus… just a well known teacher from Palestine or God himself in human form?

As an unknown poet wrote:

“All the armies that ever marched,
and all the navies that ever sailed,
and all the parliaments that ever sat,
and all the kings that ever reigned,
Put together,
have not affected the life of man upon the earth as powerfully,
as that one solitary life.”

This is the key question behind whether Christianity has any real relevance at all: If he was, in fact, God, then what he did and said has huge implications for our lives today. If not, and he was just a human teacher, then what he said may be interesting, but of little importance in the whole scheme of things.

Who is this extraordinary carpenter and why was he here? Perhaps this is the question of all questions. Surely nobody has ever spoken the way that he did, or lived the way that he did? he is the most powerful and evocative figure in history. Around 12 billion people have come and gone on this planet, but who has ever come close to being like the person of Jesus Christ? Hate him or love him, worship or spurn him, the one thing that you can’t do is ignore him. Every day we affirm his place. He shattered history into two halves, so that whenever we write a cheque or note the date, we are measuring the time of his birth. He is, in every sense, the centrepeice of history and we are fascinated by him. Popular books, films, debates, websites, and songs, still feature him more than any other figure. Time magazine described him as ‘The most persistent symbol of purity, selfishness and brotherly love in the history of man.’ (1)

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(1)¬†Joe Boot, ‘A time to Search’ Kingsway Publications.